Luxury Vinyl Flooring Fitters

Luxury vinyl flooring is ideal for high traffic areas or rooms that experience moisture or spills on a regular basis. It is often waterproof and comes in a range of designs to give your room a fresh and clean look that is easily maintained.

Vinyl flooring finishes include wood, stone, and marble effects, along with other patterns that can be used to match or contrast your existing décor.

SE London Flooring offers a complete professional fitting service for luxury vinyl flooring in both residential and commercial properties. We work efficiently and tidily to ensure that the needs of every client are met, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Lay Luxury Vinyl Flooring with Underlay

Luxury vinyl flooring is will cover any area nicely, but due to its flexibility it is prone to showing any imperfections that exist in the underfloor. To counteract this, and underlay should be installed to cover any existing imperfections.

This can have a secondary effect of reducing noise pollution between floors, as although there is less noise produced by walking on a vinyl floor than on a wood or laminate floor, the vibrations can travel downwards to a lower room.

Luxury vinyl flooring is usually waterproof and so does not need an underlay to protect the floor below, even if there is a possibility of water rising from the subfloor.

Waterproof Vinyl Tiles Click Flooring

Vinyl tiles that are designed with click fittings connect together to form a waterproof floor covering. Non-click vinyl tiles may have small gaps between that will allow the ingress of water, but these hardwearing tiles are fully waterproof.

Great to use in kitchen and bathroom areas, the variety in the designs will complement any room in your home or office.

Just like other forms of vinyl flooring, click flooring is easy to clean and maintain, and is resistant to many forms of damage.

A cost-effective solution for high traffic areas that is easy to take care of.

Scratch and Scuff Resistant

Vinyl flooring is scratch and scuff resistant, making it a durable solution for high traffic areas as well as rooms where care may not always be taken.

Solid wood floors are not scratch or scuff resistant and are not always the best choice.

If resilience is a prime factor in choosing a flooring solution, luxury vinyl flooring is an ideal material for its strength, durability, and comparative low cost.

To get the best from your flooring it should be installed by professionals who are aware of the potential pitfalls and know how to avoid them.

Contact SE Flooring London today to get your vinyl flooring fitted.

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